Social Media

How to follow Cedar Grove

We use our official Facebook page as our primary source of announcements, which are automatically included on our website as well. While you don't have to join Facebook in order to see all of our posts or videos, following us directly on Facebook is the easiest way to automatically see our posts on your news feed. We want to make sure that all of our members are informed about these options so that we can make sure our posts are reaching you. If you were originally a member of the "Church Friends" group and have never been to our Facebook page, you may be missing out on most of our announcements. Most of our announcements are also posted on Instagram.

Facebook Page

If you haven't "Liked" or followed us on Facebook, then you probably won't automatically see our posts unless your friends happen to share or comment on them. You also don't want to miss out on our public events and videos that are posted on our page. The button below should indicate if you already follow our page, or you can click it to make sure:

Anything on our public page can be shared with your friends on Facebook. When members like, comment, and share on our posts, it makes it more likely for others to see our posts on their news feed. By default, you may not see all of our posts or may only occasionally see highlights of popular posts. To make sure our posts don't get buried at the bottom of your news feed, you may want to change your notification settings to show you all of our new posts first on your news feed or even notify you when something new is added. You can do that by going to your "Following" settings on our page:

If you see a star icon or a button that says "Interested" or "Going" or "Get Reminder" on an event or a scheduled video, you may want to click it let Facebook remind you when it is about to begin. This is also a good way to share with your friends that you are interested so that they can also see the post, and it helps generate interest our events and reach others in the community outside of our church.

Church Friends

The "Church Friends" group was started years ago as a private group. Over time, many Cedar Grove members joined, but also many other family members and friends in Carthage were invited to the group to communicate and share prayer requests or other needs. This is also a good place to post information about community events or pictures of our kids at camp or other church activities with fellow church members without having them exposed to the general public.

You can only join if you are invited or an existing member approves your request to join the group. This helps keep the posts from being public for everyone to see, and they cannot be shared outside of the group. All members are welcome to post relevant messages to the group, but you should be aware that even though it is not open to the public, there may be members of this group that are not current members of Cedar Grove.

At some point before we had a website or Facebook page, our church began using this group as the primary way of making announcements. This group is still active for members of our church and community to use, but this is not where you will see all official Cedar Grove announcements posted in the future. For that, you need to make sure that you follow our page as described above.

Watch Us Online

Many of our announcements and worship services are posted or streamed live on our Facebook page. You can find our videos and live broadcasts on our watch list on Facebook. If your smart TV, gaming console, or streaming device supports casting from the Facebook app, you may even be able to watch them on your TV. Some of our programs and sermons are also posted on YouTube.